Wonderful God!

My God is wonderful! He is stunning in His majesty. Is there anyone, anywhere like Him? Who can make grass grow, or the waves billow? Who can send the clouds on a journey across the sky? And tell the rain to fall here but not there? Who can restore that which is lost or add years to a dying man? Who can deliver from the enemy and cause joy to flow into a burdened soul? Who? Who but God can reign over planets, moons and stars? Who but my wonderful God who is stunning in His majesty?

No one but my God, my God alone.

My soul sings, my heart rejoices. My lips turn up at the thought of Him. Joy springs inside and lights up my inner-being with His magnificent light – the very light from heaven! I love you oh Lord and you love me! I feel your loving arms around me. I feel your presence and sing. You’re my friend, the lover of my soul, my Father and King. You are my everything and there is no one who can take your place. I love you oh my Lord! My God. My Restorer. My Savior!

You make me laugh and cry with happiness. Words pour out and run out because they are not enough to describe you. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you forever!



Glorious Day!

Praise be to God for another day of life! I woke up this morning, got up with God on my mind. It’s a wonderful thing, thinking on the goodness of Jesus. There’s a song that my church sings every Sunday morning, “Jesus, is walking the airways.” And He is, He’s everywhere, all the time, and has you on His mind, all the time!

Isn’t it good to know that He loves us so much? I felt unloved, unworthy, alone and despised for quite sometime (and that was even after I got saved). It wasn’t until very recent that I accepted God’s love. You see I didn’t love myself and so I couldn’t see how this great, omnipotent God could love me. Love me in all my imperfections, all my “dirty” little secrets – but He does.

We’ll never experience the full blessing of God’s love for us until we accept it! We can believe that He died for us, rose again on the third day and still feel unloved! What a lie from ole Satan, that slew-footed demon of lies! He whispers these lies to us (often times from childhood) and fosters doubt, self-hate and humiliation in us years before we’re even able to fathom God’s presence. He’s a crafty demon, but he’s nothing to God’s mercy and love.

Jesus is walking the airways, those who pray can expect a miracle.

Jesus Christ is walking in your direction, right now – Have Faith.

Haave Faith!