Wonderful God!

My God is wonderful! He is stunning in His majesty. Is there anyone, anywhere like Him? Who can make grass grow, or the waves billow? Who can send the clouds on a journey across the sky? And tell the rain to fall here but not there? Who can restore that which is lost or add years to a dying man? Who can deliver from the enemy and cause joy to flow into a burdened soul? Who? Who but God can reign over planets, moons and stars? Who but my wonderful God who is stunning in His majesty?

No one but my God, my God alone.

My soul sings, my heart rejoices. My lips turn up at the thought of Him. Joy springs inside and lights up my inner-being with His magnificent light – the very light from heaven! I love you oh Lord and you love me! I feel your loving arms around me. I feel your presence and sing. You’re my friend, the lover of my soul, my Father and King. You are my everything and there is no one who can take your place. I love you oh my Lord! My God. My Restorer. My Savior!

You make me laugh and cry with happiness. Words pour out and run out because they are not enough to describe you. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you forever!




In all dangers, troubles and extremities, which fell to our Savior, when all men fled Him, living or dead, women never forsook Him.

Ester Sowerman 1617

Woman, that most blessed of creatures, is a mother to nations, a daughter of Zion, a bride of Christ, a sister to all who labor, midwife, friend, care-taker, provider, mender of wounds, singer of songs – believer.

It was a woman, Mary, the mother of Jesus, who first believed the messiah’s birth (Luke 1:45). A woman, Mary Magdalene, was first to believe his resurrection (Luke 24:1-10). And it was she to whom He first chose to reveal Himself.

To be a woman and saved is to be blessed. He never relegated us to second-class citizenship or overlooked us in a crowd. We raised Him from infancy to manhood, followed Him and cared for Him in His ministry, washed His feet with our hair, was faithful to Him when the twelve could not be found, followed Him to Cavalry, cleansed His broken body, witnessed His first appearance after His resurrection and spread the word of His return to the unbelieving disciples. We were there on the day of His ascent, was filled with His spirit on the day of Pentecost and even today it us, His brides, his daughters and workers in the field who are the backbone of His church.

We are the first line of defense for new lives birthed into the world, for it is our relationship with Him that forms each life. It is our testimony by which souls can be saved, it is our prayers and our tears which move God to act. “Call for the wailing women…” (Jeremiah 9:17-18, 20) and once the call was made we came, and we cried, He moved. There is no one stronger, no one more faithful than a woman of God. Women, filled with the spirit of God, crying and travailing before His throne moves Him like no one can. It is our prayers that break the strong holds in our families.

I thank God for being a woman. I thank God for calling me to be like Him. Women are the backbone of the Church. There is nothing wrong with being in the back, it’s whats behind you that pushes you forward! Praise God! It is our prayers, our testimonies, our labors of love that cause the Church to flourish. It is our stedfastedness that God sees and rewards. Most churches begin in the living room of a praying woman’s house. Peter is the rock of the church but after God who do you think was Peter’s rock? It was his wife!

We must take care in our desire to do a work for the Lord, that in our zeal we do not allow the enemy to come in and tamper with our eager hearts and warp the word of God and cause us to be led astray. Women are blessed beyond measure. I am proud and gratified of the role I play in God’s kingdom and will endeavor to work for Him always.

Pray for my strength in the Lord and I will pray for yours.