I’m Healed!!

I had to tell someone, anyone, everyone – I’m healed, I’m healed!!! I give my God, my great and awesome God allllll the glory. I’ve been suffering for two years from chronic hip and lower back pain from a pressed nerve. Today I went to a church where miracles still occur and got up and went forth for prayer, my request was for God to give me the gift of faith and wisdom and as an after thought, to be healed. My God is good.

It was a long ride back home and I didn’t even think of my hip or back. I was so high from the outpouring of the Spirit and the delight in fellowship and praise that I just didn’t think. Finally I reached home just a few minutes ago and came upstairs – I had no pain. I stopped and dropped my bible and purse and bent down – no pain. I squatted low – no pain!!!! I hurried down the stairs to tell my mother and the words poured out – “I’m healed, I’m healed, God healed me.” I praised God, I ran back and forth and guess what? NO PAIN!! I am still praising God and I just had to tell everyone – God still heals and now I have not only belief, not only faith but complete and utter knowledge – God still heals because He healed me!!!!!   Thank you Jesus for my healing and for the healing of all those who believe and are faithful through the pain and heart ache.

Beloved, I suffered for two years and today, I am in no pain. I am healed by the His stripes. Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24. Praise God, He is a living God and He’s still in business. I feel like the woman at the well – I want to run all through the city! But the world will do – God bless you beloved, keep holding on and you too will be running.

If you missed the last post please do read it. I wanted to keep it up for a week but I just had to testify of God’s goodness. The last post: Digging Deeper: A Series on Faith


Hallelujah! Look What The Lord Has Done!

I’m putting in a praise report tonight because I just had to tell someone the news! The last few weeks, since the end of June really, I’ve been going back and forth to the doctor for tests. I’ve had symptoms that were indicative of tumors in one area of my body and possible breast cancer. My mother is a victorious survivor of cancer (twice over!) and so the doctor was very concerned by what my mammogram showed. He saw multiple masses in both breasts and wanted a comprehensive test done to rule out cancer. In the past I’ve also had fibroid tumors and was experiencing familiar symptoms. I dreaded a recurrence of one and the development of the other.

When I got word from the radiologist about the mammogram I was positive and upbeat at first but I could feel fear creeping up and so I called a praying aunt; I needed the aid of a seasoned saint to get me through and I did not want to worry my mother with the news. I called my aunt and no soon as the words left my lips she began to pray, before we hung up she said with complete authority, “Don’t worry the tests will come up negative. You’re going to be alright.” I thanked her and praised God in my heart. Over the course of the following weeks leading up to the next set of tests for the breast exam and waiting for results from the tests for tumors I fluctuated between prayers of thanksgiving, prayers for continued faith and strength and a spiritual fight with the enemy, that old accuser, Satan. He wanted me to get anxious, he wanted me to distrust God and the words of consolation my aunt had given me. It was a hard battle for me but an easy one for God. I kept remembering that my God is, He who fights for me!

I awoke this morning with a spirit of praise and anticipation of good news, today was the day for my results…the results are negative! I am cancer free, tumor free and no symptoms remain. Hallelujah!! God is an awesome, awesome God. He just keeps on proving Himself to me over and over and over again. Why anyone would not serve this great and awesome God is beyond me. Only my God could do such a feat! And you know what? That’s not all, oh no there’s more.

I have another aunt who, unbeknownst to me, was also scheduled for a mammogram today. She met me in the lobby – praising God (she saw me and immediately began to rejoice). She has a victory report too (she had two bouts of cancer in the breast – one was removed by surgery, the next time God gave her a miraculous healing). Well beloved, she’s cancer free too! God is good, good, gooood! It just makes me want to shout!!

If you’re sick or there’s someone who’s sick in your family and you’re looking for deliverance I want you to know, God is still in the healing business. He didn’t stop performing miracles, people just stopped believing. Try God, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Wonderful God!

My God is wonderful! He is stunning in His majesty. Is there anyone, anywhere like Him? Who can make grass grow, or the waves billow? Who can send the clouds on a journey across the sky? And tell the rain to fall here but not there? Who can restore that which is lost or add years to a dying man? Who can deliver from the enemy and cause joy to flow into a burdened soul? Who? Who but God can reign over planets, moons and stars? Who but my wonderful God who is stunning in His majesty?

No one but my God, my God alone.

My soul sings, my heart rejoices. My lips turn up at the thought of Him. Joy springs inside and lights up my inner-being with His magnificent light – the very light from heaven! I love you oh Lord and you love me! I feel your loving arms around me. I feel your presence and sing. You’re my friend, the lover of my soul, my Father and King. You are my everything and there is no one who can take your place. I love you oh my Lord! My God. My Restorer. My Savior!

You make me laugh and cry with happiness. Words pour out and run out because they are not enough to describe you. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you forever!