The Suffering Saint

Original Image by: Joel Olives

Original Image by: Joel Olives

God give me the grace to suffer; you did not promise no pain.
Give me the grace to praise you and to magnify your name.
Suffering is not easy; you did not say that it would be.
You only promised to keep us and remain with us eternally.

Your love is ever before me, no matter the toils or snares.
Your grace is surely sufficient upon you I can cast all my cares.
Suffering comes in different colors:  pain, loss and derision are a few.
But none can compare to scarlet; it’s pain unique only to you.

Blood, like rivers, descended from your torn and agonized flesh.
Pain? You bore it for our weakness; you gave for us your very best.
If I take up my cross and suffer, as did your beloved son, I too will reap the promise and can say, “My work is done.”

So I ask you Lord for grace that I not murmur and complain.
I pray oh Lord to please you for I live only to see you again.

© Rebecca C. Wilcox 2012
All Rights Reserved

Cast Down but not Destroyed


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