The First Self-Righteous Church of the Latter Day Faith


Your skirt is too short and your face is made up!
I know my sister but it’s the best I’ve got.
Your hair is braided and your finger nails are red!
I know dear mother but my soul’s being fed.

You’re sitting too far back, how can you learn?
Near or far sir, I can still hear the word.
Your hair’s too long, you ought to be ashamed!
I know my brother but I love you in Jesus name.

You’re not moving, dancing, singing or shouting!
Yes sir Pastor, for in my soul there is a battle.
You’re not free to worship being dressed to the nines!
“Come as you are,” doesn’t equate to not having a dime.

If you’re not called to preach, you’re of little use to me.
All of God’s body has a purpose to be.
Your voice sounds awful, you ought to sit down!
The worst voice in the choir can usher in His power.

You’ve been out of church too long, there’s little hope for you.
You’re a messenger of Satan, in you there is no truth!
You have to wear stockings and remove all your rings.
Yes brother, but can you first take me down in Jesus name?

I hope you had a good time, the Spirit was high!
I would have but alas, His love you all denied.
Between these four walls is nothing but Cain’ts.
I came seeking salvation and found not one Saint.

No one hugged me or gave me a kiss,
instead, you all whipped out your sanctified list.
You pointed and prodded and judged me on sight,
leaving me alone in my spiritual plight.

You will know them by the fruit they bare,
At least that’s what I thought the good book said.
Today, the First Self-Righteous Church was judged,
and was found to be lacking and spiritually dead.

Copyright © Rebecca C. Wilcox 03/30/12
All Rights Reserved


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