Spiritual Being

I am a spiritual being, in a natural house;
my walls aren’t built of mortar and steel.
I was fashioned by a whispered word,
Enlivened by God’s breath and holy will.

My foundation was not paved with cement,
instead I am embedded in stone.
I am not covered with man-made paint
But rather by the blood that atones.

The strongest part of my God breathed-frame
Is called the chief cornerstone.
I was built with a purpose, bought with a price,
Now I am His alone.

Liars, connivers, backbiters and thieves,
They try to hamper my call.
Foolish are they, misled and confused
They work towards their own downfall.

I am God’s chosen, His spiritual bride
To me He did plight His troth.
Married forever to the Living King
My soul is no longer lost!

I am a spiritual being headed for a spiritual house
This world is not my home.
With my Father in Heaven, there will I dwell
When finally He takes His throne.

Copyright © Rebecca C. Wilcox 05/13/12
All Rights Reserved


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