Pit Full of Purpose

Photo by: Eikonik @ Deviantart


Into the pit I fell, scratching and clawing in vain.
Into the darkness I plunged, screaming in agonized pain.
Hate-filled faces surrounded me, closing in on every side.
Laughing and jeering, heartless and cold, no pity was there to be found.

“Help me oh God!” I entreated, my voice echoing out into the deep.
“Come to my rescue most Holy One, attend to my earnest plea!”
I hoped for an answer, but received none from the deep dark cold.
Downward I fell in a spiral, as did my poor wretched soul.

Alone in the pit I wondered, would there be any to break my fall?
When finally I ceased crying, I heard a quiet voice call –
“Do not fear the darkness; your despair is only a snare.
Open your mouth in thanksgiving only then can you be made aware.

It was not your enemies who pushed you; rather it was I who brought you here.
Trust me my child and listen, lend unto me thine ear:
There are places I long to take you, special blessings I yearn to impart,
But first you must learn how to suffer while giving thanks, alone in the dark.

There can be no profit without loss, no gain without suffering and pain.
My Son learned this in His ministry, through the cross He learned to obey.
He too was surrounded on every side and yes, He died alone.
But for His suffering and agony, your sins would not have been atoned.

There is a purpose here for you if you would but take a hold.
It is in this pit I will shape you and establish firmly your soul.
This pit is filled with purpose; my goal is to make you anew.
Once I’m finished with you my child there’ll be nothing you cannot do.

Strength in exchange for your struggles and Glory for your pain,
Anointing for your agony, and the power to drive demons insane.
All this I will grant to you, if you are willing to endure.
Remember my promise to you that all things work together for the good.”

So I fell ever deeper, giving thanks and singing His praise.
Soon I felt an upward draft, pushing against my frame.
Suddenly, I stopped falling! My direction had been changed,
Up towards the pin-hole light; like a promise, deliverance came.

I was headed for the land of victory, a gift from God above.
He’d broken through all my defenses to overshadow me with His love.
I was alight with His power, filled with His comforting grace.
I knew what gift had been granted me: the ability to finish the race.

I encourage all who are falling in their own pit of despair,
Stop struggling against the pricks my friend, for your blessings await you there.
A pit filled with purpose, that’s what the Master has in store.
Once you’ve endured its trials, all these blessings will be yours!

Copyright © Rebecca C. Wilcox 2012
All Rights Reserved


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