Love: A Lesson Learned

I thought it was true love I’d found but now I know better.
I thought in marriage we’d be joined, bound in God forever.
I’d hoped for a life filled with connubial bliss,
Instead I discovered him locked in an adulteress kiss.

I’d looked so long for a love I thought to be divine.
All I really had was lust; his heart was never mine.
Yesterday he wooed me with beautifully crafted lies.
Today our marriage vows he categorically denies.

My heart is utterly shattered, broken beyond repair.
“Help me move beyond my pain” was my heartfelt prayer.
It was not very long before I received an answer,
Words delivered to my heart from a loving Master.

I will ease your hurt and heal you from your pain.
I suffered bled and died for you and even rose again.
I did not do this because I was required to,
I laid down my life to express my love for you.

I do not require roses or diamond encrusted rings,
All I ask you for is gratitude and thanks.
Serve me with your whole heart, never wavering
And I will claim you as my own, a child of the King.

You are my own true love, this I do declare:
Nations I destroy for you and the Princes of the air.
Power and faith, these are the fruits of one I love so dear.
You are my own true love; I will keep you ever near.

Sheltered deep beneath the shadow of my wings
There is no harm that will be fall you if to me you cling.
I will never leave you or deny that you are mine.
I will be with you my love until the end of time.

There’s no need to keep looking for a love divine.
I was with you from the beginning – there all the while.
I am your Father, your Husband and your King:
There’s no need to keep looking, I’ll be your everything.

Rest in me and find peace and prosperity too.
The offering of my life is surely enough proof,
Proof of my love and commitment to thee.
Rest in me little one – I am the answer to your plea.

And so I knelt there, basking in His presence.
Tears of joy trailed my face as I learned this lesson:
God is the only love that I truly need.
I will bow and worship forever at my Savior’s feet.

Although some may find a love in marriage,
My love is the only one that is found in Heaven.

Copyright © Rebecca C. Wilcox 8/8/12
All Rights Reserved


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