He Comforts Me

Lift up your head child,
Why do you struggle so?
Did not you say, you’d walk a mile
And follow me wherever I go?

What burden, what pain weighs you down?
Look up and stop fretting,
Let your faith abound!

Do not be swayed or lose faith in Me.
But stay close, and closer still, will I be to thee.
Did I not promise you, did I not say,
pray and pray always,
Forever and a day?

If you trust in Me, If you be still,
Your present hurts and discomfort
will be healed.

My blood has covered,
My blood has cleansed,
So press on my child
And for your faith contend.

My word is true. I do not lie.
Lift up your head child, it is for you I died.
Be encouraged and in Me abide,
For I shall always, always be by your side.

Copyright © Rebecca C Wilcox 2011
All Rights Reserved


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