God Is Grace

Image by: Calvin Dellinger

Unmerited favor have I received
in every new dawn since I first believed.
God’s mercy and grace covers me still,
for I was washed by His blood and spiritually sealed.

His grace gives me strength to fight any foe,
with Satan or man I can stand toe to toe.
And too, God’s grace encourages me;
in my darkest hour all doubts flee!

God’s grace is a shining redemptive light,
lifting my soul to dizzying heights!
There is no river too wide or valley too deep
that can prevent God’s grace from covering me.

I bid you take of the fountain and drink of the well,
this soul-filling water has never failed.
My Father, my husband, my Savior, my friend,
God is all these things, thus it’s on Him I depend.

He has never left me, nor will He, I know
His presence lends me power and
His peace is untold.

My God is grace and my God is good
He is that Rock on which Moses stood.
Eternally loving, eternally kind,
My Savior is blessed and in Him I abide.

If you are struggling in this dark world that surrounds,
run to the Rock where God’s grace can be found.
He will cleanse you and fill you and forgive all your sins,
and will, to you, His grace extend.

© Rebecca Wilcox 2012
All Rights Reserved


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