Backslider – Bride of Christ

They called me backslider,
He called me His bride;
Through sickness, beyond death
With me He would abide.

I married Him at a very young age,
Not fully realizing the cost I must pay.
I was so bedazzled with a jump and a shout
I didn’t know what being saved was really about.

After a time I grew tired of Him;
My carnal eyes were too taken with sin.
“I cannot live holy; I’m not truly free,”
these are the thoughts the tempter brought to me.

I was young and foolish, spiritually weak and headstrong.
So, I went back into the world where I thought I belonged.
I lingered there for years, over powered by guilt and sin,
But all along, there was something buried within.

It was the still, small voice of my Lord who called and beckoned,
but I thought it too late, little did I reckon.
You see God had started a good work in me
and He would not to the devil concede defeat.

I was purchased with a price and sealed with his blood
Satan had lost before he’d even begun.
The day, the hour, the second was recorded
When all the plans Satan had for me would be thwarted.

Suicide, depression and low self- esteem –
these are some of the demons that buffeted me.
But one night, the Holy Ghost dropped by
The day, the hour, the second had arrived.

Restored! Delivered! God reclaimed His bride!
My seal newly polished and sparkling, I’m once again alive.
Today I stand free, stronger with the knowledge
that I am not a sinner but a winner – God’s pride.

Dear ones I encourage all who have fallen,
You’re not a mistake but part of the chosen.
God is married to you, He forgives all sin.
Today is your day, another chance to repent.

Humble yourself, set aside your pride
And God will call you – My chosen Bride.

Copyright © Rebecca C. Wilcox 3/30/12
                 All Rights Reserved


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