A Series On Faith Part 1

I’ve been praying, asking the Lord to lead me and guide me (Proverbs 3:6) as to what to write and what to share of my studies. I’m enjoying learning as I go and the study of God’s word leaves me wanting to know more about Him. There are so many topics that present themselves to me whilst I read and my heart desires to cover them all at once! However, of late, each time I set out to write on a topic I desire to address somehow I’m always led back to the subject of faith. So, instead of forcing my desires onto a page, I’m allowing the Lord to lead me.

I’m not sure how many posts will concern the subject but it seems faith is definitely a priority where I’m concerned and possibly yourself? Please pray for me, that I will be humble throughout this particular journey through the scriptures and that I allow the Lord to minister to me and to any who may wish to follow the posts along the road to faith.

Faith – Part 1

God is not dead Psalm 18:46. Nor is he a benevolent father who leads us from afar. He is not the wizard behind the curtain of our lives, hiding behind smoke and mirrors. God is an ever present God. He lives and stands ready to move and work in our lives, in every facet of our lives.

Our Lord concerns Himself with the smallest thing that concerns us *(2Kings 6:1-6) as much as he does with the larger problems we face such as the threat of illness or loss of life. 2 Kings 20:1-6 and Isaiah 38:1-6

I once lost a pair of glasses; I had looked everywhere for them. I lifted pillows, searched crevices and tore my room apart trying to find them. Finally I grew disgusted enough to activate my faith. I was on the threshold of my room heading out for the day when I stopped in my tracks. I was in a moment and place spiritually where I felt my faith speak out and, with an authority born of God, I commanded my glasses to appear in the name of the Lord Jesus! Beloved, I headed straight for a box that was on my dresser, lifted it and there lay my glasses. Now for those of you who may doubt, know this, I had already lifted the box and searched behind it and in it – it wasn’t until my faith ignited that the glasses appeared.

Yes, God cares just that much and our acts of faith moves Him. Sometimes it is the smallest act of faith that births the largest results!

It makes one wonder why it is that our faith waivers as it does. I asked this very question of my spiritual father, a seasoned man of God who has experienced and witnessed astonishing acts of faith and the results that follow. He explained it to me this way: faith is like the wind. There are times when a gust of wind will come and stir up a nest of leaves, as the wind increases the leaves rise and as the wind lessens the leaves fall and sometimes rest upon the ground. No one has the same amount of faith at all times in all situations. We are spiritual beings housed in a fleshly body and there is enmity between them, so there will be times when the spirit (thus faith) reigns complete and other times the flesh (our carnal nature) will hold sway. That is not to say that the spirit is weak, it’s not. However, the spirit of God cannot reign in our lives, as He desires to, if we do not stay before the Lord in prayer and supplication, fasting, studying the word of God with diligence and worshipping the Lord faithfully.

Faith is proactive. We must work out our faith and keep it active in our daily lives. Faith is more readily available to us if we remain in a spiritual state of mind. For example, if you go all week entertaining the desires of the flesh such as indulging in too much television, reading novels, watching movies, spending time with friends – doing everything and anything that concerns the things of the world then you will find it more difficult to grasp hold of faith than a person who spends his/her time reading and studying the scriptures, meditating on the word of God, fellow-shipping with the saints of God, praying and walking in the spirit daily. Now don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong with television in and of itself, however, a Christian or one who is seeking to become a Christian, should expend more energy doing and entertaining those things of the spirit rather than submerging themselves in the things of the world. We are spiritual beings thus we should concern ourselves with the spiritual world; the natural world is just a curtain and serves as nothing but a distraction to that which is eternal. This is why the study of God’s word is so essential to the growth of our faith. Faith is embedded in the word of God; it is the word of God therefore God is faith. He required no more than His word and His knowledge of Himself to form the world. *Genesis 1:1 and *John 1:1 God’s faith in Himself is our perfect example of proactive faith! “For when…he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself.” Hebrews 6:13 If God believes in Himself, shouldn’t we? “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” Genesis 18:14 The more we activate our faith, the more our faith will grow!


*2 Kings 6:1-6 Read the story of the floating axe for an example of how the Lord cares even for the smallest thing that concerns us! This scripture encouraged a prayer made by my mother and I when she was in the hospital recently. Her veins are very small and they roll, this has always presented a problem for her when she’s had to have blood work etc. Usually she ends up with multiple puncture wounds and band-aids from the nurses’ attempts to locate a vein. Not this time!  We prayed that the Lord would raise up her vein just as he did the axe head – beloved, the nurse said, “Well my goodness, that vein is big enough to dance on, it’s just waiting to be used.” We immediately gave God the glory. He cares for the smallest thing that concerns us!

Reference Tools: Bible Gateway.com and Biblos.com (Both sites have varies versions of the Bible to cross reference and research scripture.) I also use the New Kings James Version Study Bible For Women, the King James Study Bible and the NIV Study Bible – I especially like the Kings James Study Bible scriptural notes.


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