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~Saint In Training~

Saint In Training

Saint In Training

I was filled with the Holy Ghost July 1989; I was 13 years old. I am now an adult who has come to realize that God loves me, I am blessed beyond measure, God forgave me for all my sins and He wants nothing but the absolute best for me.

You see, I was very young when the Lord filled me with his spirit. My natural father was absent from my life much of the time and when he was present, he was a negative force. He tried, in his own inadequate way, to foster a fear of God in us (me and my sibling) at a young age. But his view of God was convoluted, much like the mirrors in a fun house. He had, what I term, a “can’t” salvation. You can’t wear pants, makeup, dance, listen to worldly music, celebrate Christmas or any holiday, except Easter, and on and on. His vision of God was couched in “can’t” instead of “can”, fear instead of love. As a result, my vision of God became distorted, stretched and misshapen.

It took years of ups and downs, favor and disfavor, bondage and freedom before I finally came to know God for myself, with my eyes, with my heart. And brothers and sisters, my God is good! He is filled with love, forgiveness, righteousness, favor, good-will, CAN! He is all I want, all I ever wanted and didn’t know I needed. My God is my father in ways that my natural father could never be.

This is just a little glimpse into how my past shaped the current me – but there’s no telling who I’ll be by the time my God is through molding the new me. I’m looking forward to meeting her!

I’d like to introduce you to my mother, Christine. People always think we’re sisters but nope, she’s my mom! I’ve convinced her to let me add her picture to the site although she’s been sharing the authorship for a while. Here’s a little about her…

~Saved to the Utmost~ aka ~Mom~

Ma Chris

Ma Chris

I was born in 1954 and grew up during the turbulent 60s and free-loving 70s, little did I know the great things God had in-store for me. I was married at a very young age and as a result, I experienced good as well as bad. The two good things I received during my marriage was my beautiful daughters, Tammara (my oldest) and Rebecca (my youngest – who is also the author of this site). I was nineteen years old when I received the gift of the Holy Ghost; I am fifty-eight years old now and I can truly say that God is real. He has seen me through two bouts of cancer and brought me out victoriously – who wouldn’t serve a God like this?! I am ever striving toward that mark, for the prize of the High Calling in Christ Jesus and I pray that as I journey along this upward way that I can encourage others to press towards that mark as well.

Each post I write is approached with prayer and is based on my own experiences with God – they are in fact my written testimonies. I pray that each word is an encouragement to all who may read them. God Bless you and keep you and may we meet in Heaven on that great day!

Thank you for visiting us!

Image of the authors Rebecca and Ma Chris

A family that prays together stays together.


24 thoughts on “About Us

    • Thank you once again Pastor Chris! I responded on your site from the “pingback” message I received. I was touched when I saw it and appreciate you for nominating my blog. It’s an honor and a blessing. 🙂


  1. So good to meet ya! Praise God for how He is able to help and reshape our minds and heart condition.Thanks for your visit and keep up the good work.
    Love you and your smile is huge and so beautiful showing the joy and peace of God 😀 😀


  2. May the same Resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead flow through you and your daughter’s ministry. May everything that you stand in need of or anything that your ministry may need to carry forth the Gospel be supplied by Jehovah Jirah- Our Provider. For His Word says that He SHALL SUPPLY ALL OUR NEEDS according to HIS riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. I ask the Lord to surround you with genuine people who have clean hands and a pure heart, and those who understand how to meet your needs. I plead the Blood of Jesus over you, your family, and your ministry. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I decree Divine health, Divine Wealth, and Divine Favor over your life both now and forever until we transition to our heavenly address. In Jesus Name I pray AMEN.


    • Thank you Bishop Prince, mother and I receive the blessings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

      Mom says: Bless the name of Jesus, I read your prayer, it blessed my soul. When I think on the goodness of Jesus and all He’s done for me my soul cries out – Hallelujah! Thank God for saving me. The scripture Lamentations 3:22 was another balm the Lord gave to me when I was diagnosed with cancer. It elevated me from believing God is a healer to knowing that God is a healer and a keeper! The devil thought he had me, but I got away! Thank you so much for your prayers may God richly bless and keep you! – Ma Chris

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  3. Rebecca, I feel like I could relate to you so much. My relationship with my dad in the past was very much the same way. It was because of him that distorted my view of God and it was also because of those struggles that brought me closer to Him. God is sooo good, that now my dad has never been better for the Lord. The Lord is the greatest Father isn’t He?! 🙂

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    • I’m sooo very sorry Sheelaeigh! I don’t know how I missed your comment, I was sure I’d checked all of my comments. Please accept my apology for the late reply! Yes, the Lord is the greatest Father in the world :). I just feel like giving him a great big hug (lol). He’s much better than man – don’t get me wrong, for all of my natural father’s foibles and weaknesses I still loved him. I prayed for him and had a chance to forgive him and tell him that I loved him before he passed away. I thank my Heavenly Father for that opportunity. But it is God, my blessed Savior, who has been and will always be, my Father indeed,not just name.
      Thanks so much for commenting!


    • Bless your heart! What a sweet gesture; we’re very honored and give all glory to God. He is responsible for every word we write. Honestly we can’t take any credit. After reading the Award’s criteria we feel especially blessed to know that the words here are bringing light to the darkness.

      We don’t post awards here BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them (more especially the thoughts and love behind them). Thank you again and God bless you Anne!


  4. Wow, again, more tears from me and I can relate well so well to you. In that respect, I mean, how my vision of God is so skewered right now. I’ve been told so many negative things about my walk in God that I’ve about given up. I REFUSE to stop, but it is so difficult for me. You are a Ray of Hope, a Life Line for someone like me, who is trying so hard to find ”me”. If that even makes sense. Anyhow, thank you for being here. Praise Jesus for using You both. Gosh, I miss my mom. You are blessed! xoxo


    • Don’t give up! That’s right, REFUSE to stop. You know, before I first started this blog I felt very low. I didn’t know my place in God, why I was here or what possible use He had for someone like me. In my tears and broken heart I went to the only source of comfort I knew – the Word of God. I asked my Heavenly Father to tell me why I was here and what he wanted me to do. This is what He gave me: “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.” Isaiah 40:1 NIV. God loves you and if a Life line is what you need or many Rays of Hope always know that God is with you. He’s for you and you matter to Him. He sees your tears and He knows your heart. You are NOT alone or unloved. Be encouraged Carrie. This time of confusion will pass. There are many more rays in your future. REFUSE to give up and you will live to see them all.

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